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The Emblem- Symbolizing Excellence

The emblem of Columbia Convent signifies excellence in every sphere of life. The open book in the center with a burning torch communicates the acquisition of knowledge and spreading of its illumination in the encapsulating circle symbolizing the sphere of life.

The chain bordering the two circles connote knowledge and wisdom. the outer circle stands for universe and the inner for human virtues linked together with a proverbial chain of spirituality.

What are you looking for in school?

Let’s for a moment consider what are we looking for in a school? We both agree -upon the objective that we want a glorious future for our children, but how? Let us ponder on the aspects which will facilitate a bright future for our children. Expertise must essentially be backed by an attitude that comes from experience

Right ideology to guide the children (teachers and the parents) on what is right for them.

Conducive environment for growth that encourages the children to learn from the environment.

Balanced outlook on competition and co-operation, which makes them a compassionate human being and shapes them as competent individuals.

Making the child feel at home, free for discussions to quench his curiosities.

Holistic development which identifies the child’s personality and then directs him/her to the area of interest.

Emphasis on arts as much as on books & learning through activities supplemented with classrooms and inculcation of value system through examples.

Frequent and greater interaction between teachers and parents, Columbia Convent provides a congenial atmosphere for bringing out the best in a child.


Together we stand

A child takes the first step at home, but he learns to stand on his feet in school. A child learns his first lesson at home, but he learns to learn in school. A child’s first, teachers are the parents, and then teachers at school help to shape their future. A child blooms at home and is groomed in school. Every step of the way, you the parents, and we the teachers walk hand in hand, supporting the children, helping them to reach their goal.

Undoubtedly you as parents have certain duties towards your wards and we as school have certain responsibilities towards our children.

So, welcome to a school, where the ideology is different, one that treats children of all ages as children of the earth and not just students, where teachers undertake responsibility as intellectual parents and mentors rather than pedagogues and where the school is more a place to be at home!


Campus Address

Manavta Nagar, Kanadia Road,
Indore (M.P.) INDIA – 45201

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